Travel period: July — September.

Tour type: climb.

Hiking level: novice.

Duration: 1 day.

Group Size: 10 — 20 people.

Avachinskiy volcano, also known as Avachinskaya Sopka or «Avacha» among Kamchatka residents, is an active volcano. It has a complex, cone-in-cone structure of Somma-Vesuvius type. It is 2741 meters above the sea and belongs to the group of so-called «domestic» volcanoes because of its close location to the city. Avachinskiy Volcano is a spectacular landmark which can be clearly seen from Petropavlovsk on a clear sunny day.

The volcano used to be a lot larger than it is now. But long time ago, a violent eruption reduced the volcano to almost half its original size, to what it is now. A new active cone with beautiful contours stood up from the depths of the Earth although the remains of the old mountain can still be found at the base of the new volcano. About 20 years ago the main crater of the volcano had a perfect funnel shape which was completely filled with lava and covered by a distinctive «cork» following the significant eruption in 1991. At present time there are numerous active fumaroles on top of the volcano and therefore its surface is always warm. Once you are at the top of Avachinskiy volcano you can encounter astonishing panoramic views: the Pacific Ocean coast, the city, and Vilyuchinskiy and Mutnovskiy volcanoes. On the west side there is a majestic Koryakskiy volcano and on the north side — breathtaking Nalychevo River Valley in front of  Zhupanovskiy and Dzenzur volcanoes.


Авачинский, евражка (4) Авачинский (6) Авачинский (14)


Tour timetable:

07:15 Departing from the «Petropavlovsk» hotel towards the volcano on our off-road vehicle.

08:30 Arriving at the camp (start of the trek) near the base of the volcano. Safety instructions.

09:00 Route access. The ascend takes 6 — 8 hours. Snack on the top of the volcano (sandwiches, fruits, nuts and tea).

18:00 Dinner back at the base camp (lunch-boxes, sandwiches and tea).

19:00 Packing equipment. Departing back towards Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

21:00 Arriving at the hotel.


Tour price includes:

  • Transport (PK — Avachinskiy Volcano — PK);
  • Mountain Guide services;
  • Meals;
  • Group equipment rental;
  • Accident insurance.

Tour price doesn’t include:

  • english-speaking interpreter;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • transfer to the «Petropavlovsk» hotel

Recommended personal equipment:

  • Trekking footwear;
  • Wind jacket, hat (e.g. beanie) or cap;
  • Fleece jacket, warm gloves;
  • Sunblock cream;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Camera/video camera.